Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Norway Spiral Lights likely a Hoax

The patriot movement is talking about this spiral lights in Norway today, Dec 9 2009 that happened this morning.

RussiaToday says it might be Russia's Test Missle, which would be considered an insult to Russia's Military Force.

I however am pretty sure it was a hoax. From one side of a mountain you could see a light projection coming from it towards the sky, much like those old movie projectors. It's like the Balloon Boy UFO Scam that happened like a month ago. If a Demon Portal would appear, it would probably appear in the Basement of the white house, or when these Satanists go to Bohemian Grove.

Gotta use some common sense, otherwise the patriot movement is just as gulible as the sheeple. And I'm not dissin the UFO movement, because UFOs are real, however this is clearly a hoax. Maybe in a couple of weeks, after xmas, the prankster will come forward.

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